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“Play” is purposeful work

for small children, fundamental for

growth and development.



To provide high quality early learning and care in a community that fosters the well-being of each child, supportive relationships with families and responsive educators.



We believe the following:

  • Children, families, educators and our community’s participation is fundamental to co-constructing our holistic play-based curriculum.

  • Children’s lifelong well-being is shaped by their early childhood experiences.

  • Building respectful and reciprocal relationships fosters a sense of belonging.

  • The image of children as mighty learners is nurtured by their responsive educators.




To provide a foundation for life long well-being through a community focused, accredited and responsive caregiving environment.




Our philosophy is to provide a socially inclusive and culturally sensitive community that conveys a sense of belonging and identity within a responsive environment for all of our citizens; Children, Employees, Families and Community.


Our community observes and acknowledges every child as a mighty learner: strong, resourceful and capable, who is encouraged to be so while playing, learning and exploring his/her environment. The importance of early childhood experiences for life long well-being is valued in our learning through play approach and the nurturing of social responsibility. These experiences happen through spontaneous and directed activities that foster every child’s emotional, mental, social and physical development.


Active engagement and participation of families is significant to supporting and co-sharing in the responsibility for the children’s early childhood years. Our open-door policy encourages families to spend time with us working together to support each other and the children in our community.  Co-construction of our holistic play-based curriculum by all our citizens is important in maintaining our quality and supporting our community.

Activities in our playrooms, gym, playground and community offer children opportunities to bring their whole body and mind to their play and learning while they grow as mighty learners. Our educator’s nurture children’s dispositions to learn; playing, seeking, participating, persisting and caring, while being co-learners, co-researchers and co-imaginers of possibilities alongside them, their families and our community


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