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  • The Centre has a ten-week menu rotation which was created to comply with Child Care Licensing regulations and Alberta Health regulations and follow the most current Canada Food Guide.

  • All children will be exposed to the wide variety of food we offer and are encouraged to try these foods.

  • We can accommodate for food allergy, medical concerns and/or family beliefs.

  • The menu is review and up-dated the menu before they are posted weekly, as we feel that is important to ensure they meet the children’s healthy developmental needs.

  • Food is served at the following times:

    • 7:30 am – 8:30 am –there is cold cereal available 

    • 9 am is morning snack
    • Approximate Lunch Times:
      • 11:45 am - Yellow and Blue Rooms
      • 11:50 am – Green Room
      • 12:00 pm – Pink Room
    • 3:00 pm is afternoon snack


Food is

provided at SUCELC!

We have a fully

equipped kitchen &

full-time cook!

Our Menu follows

Health Canada's Food Guide and is supported by a local dietitian!


Sample Menus

Special diets

can be


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