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Our programs are all-inclusive. We offer high quality child care as well as an in-house kindergarten program that is approved by Alberta Learning. Our centre has four playrooms, a gym and an adjacent outdoor playground.
We observe and acknowledge the individuality and uniqueness of each child within our group settings. We have a warm, accepting and nurturing atmosphere, essential to a quality child care and kindergarten program - a safe place where children can test and build their strengths through interaction with peers and empathetic, caring adults. 
0ur programming encompasses Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework - FLIGHT. The framework outlines that children are capable and are viewed as mighty learners, child interest based programming, the important elements of environment, and relationships.
  We have regular field-trips on and off campus and  we believe that spending time outside is very important, therefore, we get outside at least once a day, weather permitting.


Parent Involvement


We are a family-oriented Centre.  Our open-door policy encourages parents to become involved in their child’s day, progress and to feel comfortable in mutual discussions with the Centre staff.  We host throughout the year, a number of family-oriented activities such as muffin mornings, a fall supper, etc. 

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